Another Something (Netherlands)
published a feature on The Western Lands series:

Announcing the White Leaves  Residency Program!

The White Leaves Artist Residency Program annually awards 2-3 artists the unique opportunity to concentrate on their work in the isolated, rural environment of the high desert landscape near El Rito, New Mexico. Open to artists working in all mediums who wish to develop or complete a project of their choosing, residency length ranges from 10-21 days during either a Fall (Sept-Nov) or Spring (April-June) session. Accommodations include a small private cabin with solar power and potable water, kitchen and shower access with additional outbuilding workspaces available based upon the needs of the artist. Residents also receive an edition of archival pigment prints of work that was created during their stay (sponsored by Frontier Fine Art Printing).


For the month of October I'll be touring across the United States with a 35mm slideshow of my work,
alongside underground legends (and dear friends), Jeff Zagers & Russian Tsarlag. I'm really thrilled
to spend so much time with these guys on the road and to get to travel across the country again.
Anything is possible when you're in love.

Please swing through and say hi:

October 2016

7) Knoxville @ The Pilot Light
8) Chattanooga @ Barking Legs Theater
9) Memphis @ Spottswood
10) --day off--
11) Kansas City @ Nightblooms Darkroom & Bookstore
12) St. Louis @ Kerr Foundation
13) Milwaukee @ Green Gallery
14) Chicago @ Archer Beach House
15) Ypsilanti MI @ Ypsi Experimental Space
16) Pittsburgh @ The Tub
17) Buffalo @ TBA
18) Providence, RI @ Tommy's Place
19) --day off--
20) Far Rockaway , NY @ Red Light District
21) Philadelphia @ Heavens Gate
22) Baltimore @ Floristree
23) Chapel Hill, NC @ TBA
24) Savannah @ Sulphur
I’m delighted to announce that Abigail Smith and myself are small business owners:
FRONTIER Fine Art Printing & Scanning
Our digital lab uses an Epson SP9900 Large Format Printer with Ultrachrome HDR inks (the ultimate professional photo & graphic arts ink, rated for a permanence of 200 years) in a ten-color printing system to produce museum-quality Archival Pigment Prints. We can print on a variety of paper/substrate types up to 44 inches wide. We also produce high quality 35mm (negative/positive/slide) film scans at 4,000 ppi using a Nikon Coolscan V ED dedicated film scanner and Silverfast software (suitable for large format fine art printing). As well as 35mm/120 format film scans (at 1,700 ppi) and 2-dimensional artwork scans (at 600 ppi) using a Canon Canoscan 9000F Mark II flatbed scanner (suitable for viewing on the internet or printing at 5”x7”). Additional services of image retouching & manipulation are available at $20/hr.


A couple photos were included in the online group
show, Heat Wave, over at Ain't-Bad Magazine.

Excited to announce that I've released 2 new cassettes on my little record label, Friends & Relatives.
$5 each (+$2 shipping per order). Buy em both. Paypal:

Zak M. - "Gravois Ave. Mango Prom"
America's heartland crooner delivers with a full length album of twisted outsider organ, dexterous lyrics and subtle tape manipulations. Drafted with the faint of heart in mind, these songs'll slowly drag you through the dried leaves & safely return you to the loveseat of your dreams (without breaking curfew). 34 minutes long. Full color artwork. Purple shell cassettes, painstakingly dubbed in real-time for the sake of hi-fidelity. Edition of 50 copies.

Jeremy Kennedy & Yosuke Kitazawa - "agenda (in bold)"
Electronic interventions & deconstructed guitar passages intermingle within a state of hypnagogia in this Los Angeles pairing's debut album. Discerning patience and deep listening are accentuated throughout the duo's improvisational reporting from the front line. 29 minutes long. Full color artwork. Dubbed in real-time for fidelity's sake. Edition of 50 copies.

 I started an art-blog-thing called LOOCH.
The first two installments feature the work of Maya Olympia Bush & Jen Shear.
Dig in.


Now Available!
After five years in the making/procrastinating, the new issue of SLO-MO has finally hit the streets! 80 pages of stark, high contrast, xeroxed imagery of found objects and clippings; selected & sequenced through the poetics of post- Great American Comedy. 5.5"x8.5". Heavy cardstock covers available in three different colors. Oversized pull-out poster included. Edition of 50 copies. Paypal $5 (plus $2 shipping) to

Happy to have provided the insert photo for the new Cube "My Cube" LP on Left Hand Path Records. One of my favorite electronic artists. Pick up a copy while ya can!


This week's edition of my favorite newspaper, The Rio Grande Sun (Espanola, New Mexico), printed a large feature on The Western Lands series alongside an essay on the work by Arts Editor, Robert Eckert.


Release party for the VV flyer zine that Degenerate Ephemera recently published.

A night of videos by the recently departed artist, Charles Gatewood (November 8, 1942 – April 28, 2016). Selections from his urban anthropology party tapes (Weird San Francisco, Weird Thailand, Weird Mardi Gras & Weird Amsterdam) will be presented in addition to two short studio interviews with Gatewood by George Kuchar ("The Gates of Gomorrah", 2002) and Justin Rhody (2016). Free to attend.



Vernacular Visions: collected flyers 2013-2016
68 pages, 7.75"x10.5"
Offset printed full bleed, Cardstock cover
Edition of 150 copies, hand numbered
Essay by Sam Lefebvre
Published by Degenerate Ephemera
(to order, Paypal $8 to


RIP Charles Gatewood