I was recently asked a few questions by NISHA, a Russian-language web-magazine, about the "Sliding Glass Door" book. 

So, you have just released a book of photographs titled "Sliding Glass Door" over at Bathetic Records. Is this your first publication?
I've self-published quite a few small art zines through the record label that I run, Friends & Relatives (, but this is the first professionally printed & bound book of my photographs that has been printed. A massive mount of appreciation from me goes out to Jon Hency at Bathetic for offering me this opportunity!

What is hiding behind the title?

Hopefully something different every time! The barrier seperating "inside" from "outside" is transparent, you can see through it, and if you're not careful you may end up walking right into it.

What is it that unites all the pictures and makes them go one after another naturally and seamlessly?

Months of effort was put into the selection and sequencing of photos for the book, and in the end the ideas boiled down to almost resembling the experience of learning to dance; I move one foot in this way while swinging my arms over your head. The initial efforts may be clumsy, but eventually a casual gracefulness is achieved and throughout the whole process you're experimenting with space, movement and emotion.
In an interview once, John Updike spoke about an ideal of writing in which every page/passage in a book could be read on it's own and be experienced as a poem, while at the same time it's also possible to read it from cover to cover with the reader experiencing a sense of cohesiveness that allows every "poem" to form together into a novel. Hopefully "Sliding Glass Door" will come off in that manner to viewers.

Are you more depicting or analyzing the world around you using your camera?

I'd like to think that during the moments when I'm most succesful in my efforts I'm able to accomplish both in the same instance. Working within the strictures of reality, I'm making decisions about color, texture and composition - and then setting those desicions between 4 borders onto film in the split of a second... I'm not making it up, I'm just offering it attention and framing.

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